Workplace Supervision

Clinical Supervision within the workplace can help the wellbeing and mental health of employees, increase personal growth and reflective practice, job satisfaction and performance.
Organisations can benefit employees who feel more valued and supported, often leading to reduced sick days, resignations and more cohesive relationships within teams and management. * see Feedback report

The focus of the supervision allows time to focus on 

  • Case work that impacts the supervisee; exploring the possible  reasons for that impact 
  • Exploring and understanding aspects of their life that had an impact on their role 
  • Exploring and understanding the impact of individual personality, diversity, and life experience, on relationships with their team, colleagues, managers, and the organisation.
  • Exploring, understanding and applying boundaries to the role of the Supervisee and to their relationships with self and others .
  • Psycho education 
  • Looking at self care, grounding exercises, understanding and recognising trauma triggers  in self and others 
  • Exploring gaps in knowledge and training : CPD requirements
  • Whatever else presented as important by the Supervisee.